Avant-garde by subscription: only at Mousonturm. We’ve packed the highlights of the 2018/19 season into three irresistible six-packs to make the long-term planning of regular Mousonturm visits easier and moreover really worth your money!

The Dance Subscription (6 pieces for 66 euros, red. 44 euros) assembles a wide range of intense and innovative experiences of physicality under the motto “Every Body Electric” (which is also the title of Doris Uhlich’s spectacular kick-off choreography). Including: the Ensemble Modern with Emanuel Gat and his virtuoso dancers from Southern France, Lia Rodrigues’ fantastic company from Rio de Janeiro, Lisbeth Gruwez’s fear duo “We’re pretty fuckin’ far from okay”, Ali Moine with his doppelgaenger marionette and the monumental piece “Crowd” by French choreographer Gisèle Vienne, which is coming to Frankfurt for the very first time.

The Theatre Subscription (6 pieces for 66 euros, red. 44 euros) traverses our entire history of civilisation under the motto “Infinite Jest” – and together with international top artists and groups deals with property (She She Pop), violence (Milo Rau), revolution (Mapa Teatro), the Wild West and war (Nature Theater of Oklahoma), capitalism and depression (Thorsten Lensing), as well as crashing on a lonely island (Philippe Quesne).

The Mixed Subscription “1.440 Scenes” (6 pieces for 66 euros, red. 50 euros) allows visitors to get to know (or further enjoy) the entire scope of the Mousonturm program: featuring high-class international theatre e.g. by Iranian author and director Amir Reza Koohestani, interdisciplinary and spectacular dance projects by Meg Stuart and Marlene Monteiro Freitas, the new, very political performance of andcompany&Co. marking the end of the revolutionary commemorative year 2018, a Satie concert by Israeli pianist Tamar Halperin and Rimini Protokoll’s new major project at the Bockenheimer Depot about “a city like Frankfurt”.

Our subscription packages offer two new and improved deals: you can now choose which performance date of a production is right for you, and when you buy a subscription package, you can book one or more of four additional bonus tracks for a special subscription price (each 11 euros, red. – except for the concert – 5,50 euros).
If you cannot decide which you like best, simply buy all 3 subscriptions plus the 4 bonus tracks. You’ll save over 40 per cent on the regular ticket price and have 22 really great nights coming up over the next 10 months.

We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Every Body Electric
Das Tanz-Abo im Mousonturm
66 Euro (erm. 44 Euro)

Das Abo gibt es HIER

Doris Uhlich: Every Body Electric

Emanuel Gat & Ensemble Modern: Story Water

Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças: Fúria

Lisbeth Gruwez/Voetvolk: We're pretty fuckin' far from okay

Gisèle Vienne: Crowd

Ali Moini/Company Selon l'Heure: Man anam ke rostam bovad pahlavan

Unendlicher Spaß
Das Theater-Abo im Mousonturm
66 Euro (erm. 44 Euro)

Das Abo gibt es HIER

She She Pop: Oratorium. Kollektive Andacht zu einem wohlgehüteten Geheimnis

Milo Rau/International Institute of Political Murder: Die Wiederholung - Histoire(s) du théâtre (I)

Mapa Teatra: La Despedida

Nature Theater of Oklahoma & EnKnapGroup: The Pursuit of Happiness

Thorsten Lensing/David Foster Wallace: Unendlicher Spaß

Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio: Crash Park - La vie d'une île

1440 Szenen
Das Mix-Abo im Mousonturm
66 Euro (erm. 50 Euro)

Das Abo gibt es HIER

Amir Reza Koohestani/Mehr Theatre
Group: Summerless

Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto/
Damaged Goods: Celestial Sorrow

andcompany&Co.: invisible republic

Tamar Halperin: Satie

Marlene Monteiro Freitas: Bacantes –
Prelúdio para uma purga

Rimini Protokoll: 1.440 Szenen für eine
Stadt wie Frankfurt

Vorteile des Abos

* über 40 % sparen gegenüber dem regulärem Verkaufspreis

* Die Abos können an der Abendkasse des Mousonturms, hier online sowie in allen AD-Ticket VVK-Stellen erworben werden.

Eine schöne Sache - Die Bonus Tracks

12. & 14.11. Saša Asentić: Dis_Sylphide

21. & 22.11. Toshiki Okada/chelfitsch: Five Days in March

1.12. Frederic Rzewski: The People United
Will Never Be Defeated!

5.-7.2. Susanne Zaun & Marion Schneider:
Es ist doch eine schöne Sache, über
Kanzlerkandidaten zu reden und dabei
Blutwurst zu essen (AT)

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