Ensemble Mobil

Choreographers are invited to produce mobile dance productions with professional dancers in the Rhine-Main region, which leave conventional theatre spaces behind and which can be presented in unusual performance venues, such as e.g. class rooms, community centres, tennis clubs, buses or out in the open countryside. After completion, the mobile piece will ideally tour throughout the region.

The Ensemble Mobil invites dance makers to access new performance spaces and local audiences as artistic working environments beyond the big cities. At the same time, we seek to bring audiences with little or no access to dance in contact with contemporary dance makers – if possible, as early as in the rehearsal and production phase of the mobile production.


Ensemble Mobil is initiated by Tanzplattform Rhein-Main

Lina Lindheimer: As we are waiting

The first Ensemble Mobil production:
Lina Lindheimer: As we are waiting
The waiting room at the job centre is a space in-between – between unemployment and finding a new job, between idleness and movement. Choreographers believe that there is no such thing as true idleness. So Berlin choreographer Lina Lindheimer asked people waiting at the job centre in Frankfurt: “What are we really doing, when we do nothing?”.

Idea / Concept: Lina Lindheimer * Realisation: Katja Dreyer, Mart Kangro, René Liebert, Lina Lindheimer, Lito Walkey * Sound: Nils Weishaupt * Stage: Anne Kuhn, René Liebert * Performed by Mart Kangro, Lito Walkey, Katja Dreyer * supported by Jobcenter Frankfurt am Main.