What makes us intelligent beings? What was there in the beginning? How do the objects that we have created influence our humanity and where do they come from? Questions of meaning, origin and the bigger picture are an integral part of being human. In Acme of Emphasis, Fabrice Mazliah and dancer Adam Ster apply them to the condensed cosmos of artistic creation. The new piece is a playful journey into the heart of paradoxical thought; an attempt to create something that does not need us. Dancing with the thing that we have created; waiting for the moment when what we are looking at, gazes back at us.

No language requirements * Concept: Fabrice Mazliah * Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah in coopeartion with Adam Ster * Dance: Adam Ster & Fabrice Mazliah * Artistic Assistants: Katja Cheraneva & Susanne Grau * Technical Coordination: Max Schubert * Light: Ulf Naumann * Technical Director: Harry Schulz * With thanks to Erinc Karacai * A producion by MAMAZA, in coproduction with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in the frame of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main and PACT Zollverein.

Image: (c) Bedelgeuse

Fabrice Mazliah (Frankfurt)
Acme of Emphasis
Tue. 21. — Thu. 23.03.2017

* 8:00 p.m., € 19 / red. € 9 / € 7 f.f.m. members / € 5 f.f.m. students members.
Premiere * Tanzplattform Rhine-Main Coproduction

Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

Warm Up

Susanne Grau, Saal, Thu. 23.3., 7 p.m.

For all those, who find the transition from everyday life to the theatre somewhat too sudden, we now have an alternative: the artists will be offering a special warm-up for theatre spectators before select dance performances! Unlike typical introductory events, this is a chance to personally explore aspects of corporeality, dance or choreography based on very concrete examples and exercises. After the warm-up, there will still be enough time to freshen up before the show begins. On special dates, one hour before the show starts.

Event Dates

Tue. 21.03.2017

8:00 p.m. 

Wed. 22.03.2017
Acme of Emphasis - with talk afterwards with Leonie Otto

8:00 p.m. 

Thu. 23.03.2017
Acme of Emphasis - mit Warm Up um 19 Uhr

8:00 p.m.