Before going on a journey, it’s normal to assemble a selection of one’s possessions: the bare necessities, the most practical things, the most important stuff. Literally “select” possessions, parts of one’s own identity. When these are lost, parts of oneself are, more or less painfully, lost as well. Every year 1.3 million baggage items are lost, unclaimed or left behind on flights worldwide. These are then auctioned off – unopened like a pig in a poke. Now, one such pig – an abandoned suitcase – takes centre stage: we don’t know what is inside. An unknown excerpt of the unknown property of an unknown person. “Aufgegebenes” (“Checked and Abandoned”) is a theatrical essay on what it means when something now belongs to us.

For everybody from the age of 14 * In German * Concept, Direction, Performance, Text: Gesa Bering, Stephan Dorn.

Dorn ° Bering (Gießen)
Mon. 30.10., Tue. 31.10.2017

* 8 p.m., € 12 / red. € 6.
Uraufführung * HTA

Studio 1
Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

Event Dates

Mon. 30.10.2017

8 p.m. 

Tue. 31.10.2017

8 p.m.