“My grandmother often used to read the fairy tale of Rapunzel to me. I remember how passionately she spoke about the burning desire of the pregnant woman for the Rapunzel salad. These were the only moments in which she expressed a semblance of desire and I sensed that there was a whole other side to her, behind her proper façade.” – In Dame Gothel...it hurts to be beautiful, dancer and choreographer Anna Natt not only merges flamenco influences with contemporary movement practices, but also takes her personal childhood memories as a backdrop with which to lure the audience together with three harpists into powerfully visual and acoustic parallel worlds. The potent salad, which the sorceress Gothel wrathfully watches over, is just the first step into an alluring-magical world, where the greatest danger lies in following one’s own desires.

Performance, Directed by: Anna Natt * Musical Director, Composition, Harp: Sissi Rada * Harp: Anna Steinkogler, Lucie Delhaye * Dramaturgy: Mariona Naudin * Technical Director, Lighting Design: René Heinrich * An Anna Natt production, co-produced by Freischwimmer * Funded by the City of Berlin – Department for Cultural Affairs.

Anna Natt (Berlin)
Dame Gothel...it hurts to be beautiful
Fri. 13.01., Sat. 14.01.2017

* 7 p.m., € 12/red. € 6, Doubleticket for2 performances of your choice € 19/red. € 9, Trippelticket € 25/red. € 12.

Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

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(c) Piotr Rybkowski

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Event Dates

Fri. 13.01.2017

7 p.m. 

Sat. 14.01.2017

7 p.m.