Marcio Abreu / Companhia Brasileira de Teatro (Curitiba)
Open rehearsals
Wed. 21.06.2017

* 6 p.m. , Free admission.

Probebühne 1 / 4.OG

Marcio Abreu’s current artistic research focuses on difference as a central experience of human life and in coexistence beyond the limitations of global geopolitical structures. The disparity between north-south from a Brazilian perspective, the aftermath of colonialism and practices of neo-colonialism play just as much a role thereby as black-facing, blackness and Othering within the context of everyday racism. Abreu intertwines theatre with visual art, philosophy with literature, music with anthropology. The open rehearsal provides insight into the artists’ work.

Event Dates

Wed. 21.06.2017

6 p.m.