Hanne Hukkelberg

Music was always a vital presence in Hanne Hukkelberg’s childhood. She grew up in a family of musicians, her mother was a classical pianist and teacher and her father was a church organist. Hukkelberg’s grandmother and her piano was a central part in this musical upbringing; together they would improvise and practise on the piano before performing together for seniors in the local community. Together with her older brother and sister, she also joined the local church choir from an early age. Inspired by Norwegian liturgical psalms, her grandmother’s piano and her mother’s collection of classical and Slavic staples, Hukkelberg soon started to hum, and strum, and tap on instruments, improvising music and singing. In her teen years she became the lead singer of metal band Funeral, broadening her musical horizons to include rock, jazz, electronic and experimental music. During her studies, she performed in a variety of metal, prog rock, and free jazz ensembles. Hukkelberg graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2003, emerging as a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist with her own fresh take on music. It was also there she met Kåre Chr. Vestrheim – a tutor who would later became one of Hukkelberg’s closest friends and collaborators. Their musical partnership would span more than a decade, with Vestrheim recognising and nurturing Hukkelberg’s a-typical approach to pop music, non-traditional instrumentation – such as kitchen utensils and bicycle spokes – and effortless ability to merge a myriad of genres. “Birthmark” is self-produced by Hukkelberg, and while her first albums were beautifully moulded in the hands of producer Vestrheim, resulting in a rich landscape somewhere in between pop, jazz and electronica, she now explores a more minimalistic approach: After 15 years of quite maximalist songs, I am now aiming to give the vocal and lyrics more focus on this album. To make sure I can accomplish this, I am trying to keep the production as minimalistic as possible, giving more space to the more vital elements of the songs. The themes on Hukkelberg’s upcoming album have a clear narrative and cover science, faith, love, loss and everyday life: – I go from big existential matters to small everyday things on this album, just like in my own life. It’s about how I look at the world and how it is to live in it and all the relationships, troubles and joy this world can bring. The first song is called “Don’t dream” and has “blue blue winds” in there somewhere, while the very last song, a ballad called “Summer Shadows” is about not appreciating what you have until it’s gone. The songs in the middle cover insecurity, youth naivety, ageing, hormones, climate change, science and of course, faith. The album was recorded in her studio in Oslo, but was very much inspired by her trips to big cities like Berlin, Munich, London and Los Angeles: – This is the first album that I have made entirely in Oslo, but a lot of my field recordings are from other places, an example being that I used quite a lot of household percussion from a backstage in Gothenburg. I have toured and travelled a lot these past years, and I think that experience gives the record a universal feel, even though it’s made and produced entirely at Grünerløkka in Oslo. Along with a string of highly acclaimed albums, such as her breakthrough debut LP ‘Little Things’ (2004) to her most recent studio album ‘Trust’ (2017), which was also the first release on her own label Hukkelberg Music, she has toured extensively across Europe and the US. As well as a full European run with Wilco and a performance with Jose Gonzales at New York’s. Hanne Hukkelberg celebrates 15 years as an artist and her unique sound and talent as a songwriter, musician and vocal artist has resulted in great reviews and has gathered fans both in her native Norway as well as in the rest of the world. She has received praise from Pitchfork, BBC, KCRW, The Guardian, Uncut, The Quietus, Clash, amongst others. Hukkelberg’s acclaimed back catalogue is adored nationally and internationally, including FEATHERBRAIN (2012), BLOOD FROM A STONE (2009), Norwegian Grammy Award-winning RYKESTRASSE 68 (2006) and breakthrough debut LITTLE THINGS (2004). Hukkelberg’s 6th album follows her critically acclaimed, self-produced TRUST (2017). In 2018, Hukkelberg released the single STARDUST, which was written in LA in collaboration with Halie (No), Victoria Zaro (US), and Brittany B (US), with Hukkelberg as producer and singer. Hukkelberg also released the official score of Norwegian cinema documentary MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY, which won an Amanda Award (Norwegian Oscar) for best Documentary as well as receiving Dragon Award Nordic Documentary Competition Acclaim.


“Tightly orchestrated pop so intricate that it becomes interactive.” – Pitchfork
“Ignore those comparisons to Joanna Newsom or Björk… Hukkelberg is way ahead of both.” – The Guardian
“Hi-definition electronic production … extravagant pop that inspires with each passing note.” – CLASH
“Steadfast individuality” – BBC
“Magnificent” – The Line of Best Fit /
“An elemental pleasure.” – Metro
“No less than epic” – The Quietus
“Delicately anthemic” – Uncut
“Truly remarkable” – Drowned In Sound