After training in Modern Jazz, it was in Senegal, during her childhood, that Khoudia Touré became passionate about the energy of Hip Hop. She went further in her technical knowledge through learning from the pioneers of Hip Hop and House in New York and Paris. In 2012, she decided to return to Senegal in order to share the knowledge and openness she gained during her travels, and to participate in the development of a thriving Hiphop culture in her hometown in Dakar.

Since 2016, she has been one of four choreographers and founding members of Compagnie La Mer Noire, a collective hip-hop dance company based in Dakar. After being presented for the first time in South Africa, LOWELA, their latest creation, is broadcast in more than six African countries in 2021.

As a dancer and performer, Khoudia also joined the Kilaï company of choreographer Sandrine Lescourant in 2020, on the creation ANYWAY which explores the notion of resilience and is written through meetings with inmates at the jail of Rennes

Khoudia has distinguished herself in several international competitions (such as Juste Debout, HipHop Games Concept, Random Circles, Flavourama and Summer Dance Forever, which she won in 2021 in the House category, and which she judges the following year). She won several competitions in Senegal, and distinguished herself as one of the first women to enter disciplines usually won by men. She is also called upon to judge international Hip Hop dance competitions. She provides courses and workshops and teaches in several countries around the world: France, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Senegal, South Africa. She is also co-founder of Maggando, in Senegal, a space where dancers and project leaders meet in the practice of their art and the development of their professional careers.