Maayan Danoch
(Tel Aviv)

Maayan Danoch is a dancer, choreographer, and performance artist. Her work is based on human interaction, touch, and physical closeness — in groups and through her body. Space, time, image, and movement are her artistic material. She examines certain relationship constellations and how the perception of the viewer can be radically changed through subtle modifications.

“The regulations emerging from the pandemic management – physical distancing, limited gatherings, avoiding touch – radically transformed my work and its conditions. Bodily practices, performances, and other public events which take place within a group are being transferred to an online format and, therefore, their innate social dimension is being tremendously reduced and neglected.”

Can virtual space be home to these practices and performances? Danoch wants to use the home.frankfurt.telaviv web residency to examine exactly that. As part of the exchange project, she would like to engage participating artists in a mind-body practice that she has developed and which will take place online for the first time.