Anja Mugerli, Agata Tomažič, Jedrt Maležič, Andrej Blatnik, Vinko Möderndorfer

Anja Mugerli (1984), writer. For the collection of short stories Čebelja družina (The Bee Family) she received the EU literary award (2021).

Jedrt Maležič (1979), writer and a literary translator from English and French. Her first collection of short stories Težkomentalci (Heavymentals) was shortlisted for the best debut award.

Agata Tomažič (1977), writer and journalist. She ventured into the literary scene with her much-admired collection of short stories Things You Can’t Tell Your Hairdresser, published in 2015.

Andrej Blatnik: (1963), writer, editor and translator. Author of 17 books in Slovenian as well as roughly 40 books in translation. He is included in many anthologies including Best European Fiction 2010, edited by Aleksander Hemon.

Vinko Möderdorfer (1958), writer, dramatist, essayist, theatre, movie, and television producer. He has received some of the most prestigious Slovene literary awards, including two for short stories: the Župančič Award for “Krog male smrti” (1994), and the Prešeren Fund Award for “Nekatere ljubezni” (2000).

Mojca Kumerdej (1964) is a writer. She’s published three collections of short stories – Fragma (2003), Temna snov (2011) and Gluha soba (2022) – and two novels – Krst nad Triglavom (2001) and Kronosova žetev (2016). Kronosova žetev was awarded the Prešeren Fund Award and the Critics’ Sieve Award.

Sebastijan Pregelj (1970) has been publishing stories in literary publications since 1992. His work was included in the Čas kratke zgodbe anthology, which was translated into German and Czech.