Dancer, choreographer, teacher and creative director, Queensy is one of the co-founders of the french female dance group Blazin‘.

Modern jazz and Hip Hop initial training, she practised africans and caribbeans dances styles before her passion and vocation for Dancehall allowed her to become a european reference.

She is a resident teacher for two of the most popular studios in Paris as Studio Harmonic and Juste Debout School and does Dancehall workshop worldwide (Big up kemp, Fair Play Dance Camp, Hyper week, Street Dance Camp Japan, StreetStar…). In 2023, she works as a creative director with Paris Philharmonic on „Fela Kuti: RÉBELLION AFROBEAT“ expo promotion.

She shows her first project GOD SAVE THE QUEEN a tribute to the status of Dancehall Queen, with her team Art’is production.