Rough Proposals. A plant. Day 1.


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Rough Proposals. A plant. Day 1.


It is a plant. No, it is a building. It is a plant. No, it is Mousonturm. It is a plant in the building and on the building and outside of the building. It is a movement that has planted itself in the building. It is a plant and a performance. It is a house and a dance. It makes its way through common intelligence, strong body, swans and lakes, white laboratories, green pornscapes, things that are not yet there, things that are joyful, things that oscillate, things that we forget.

It is a group body. It is a plant and a group body of thinking choreography, of dance, of poetry, of imaginary, of realm, of exposing and proposing.

Frida, Patrick, Tanja, Kasia, Filomena, Rene, Fabricio, Ana, Rahel, Marja, Zrinka, Liza, Ida and Viktoria will water it daily.

The roots

17.00 – 18.00
A proposal by Frida Laux
paradance is uncertain, it knows of itself only when it lets go of knowing, it is here for you if you need it. In unlocking the commons, it is sharing its somatic fictions of reconnecting neurons and reclaiming pleasure as an act of political warfare.
Voice: Ida Daniel, Thanks to Zuzana Zabkova

The stem

18.00 – 22.00
A proposal by Patrick Faurot

The flower

22.15 – 23.00
A proposal by Tanja Kodlin in collaboration with Maria Tsitroudi and Andreea Belu

We are constantly moving in a fixed structure, drawing an image as a surface in the space. The space, and the ensemble of elements within it, are regarded  in their entirety as a singular entity and opens up a reflective landscape where you can pass through.


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