Accessibility On Site

The symbols provide information on accessibility at the venues Mousonturm, Junge Theaterwerkstatt, Frankfurt LAB and Palmengarten.

Guidance Systems

Our venues do not yet have a visual or tactile guidance system or a visual fire alarm.

Wheelchair Accessibility


Ground-level entrance is possible via the restaurant. This entrance is located in the courtyard on the left-hand side of the building. There is a raised area with stairs in the restaurant. The bar is accessible at ground level.

Our large auditorium is accessible at ground-level without stairs. In the case of our regular seating arranegment, the first row of the visitors' gallery is accessible without the need of stairs, e.g. wheelchairs can be placed here. For events without seats in the hall, the entire audience area is accessible at ground-level without stairs.

Studio 1 and Studio 2 on the 1st floor are accessible by prior arrangement without stairs via the staff lift (cabin length and width 115 cm x 135 cm, door width 90 cm). Please speak to our front of house or bar staff on the evening of the event or notify us of your requirements a few days before the event at

A Note on Seating

Generally, there is free choice of seating at our events. You can find information on seating arrangements on the individual event pages. The following applies: 

  • with seating: There is a grandstand with folding seats or fixed rows of seats at ground level. 

  • no seating: There is no standard seating in the venue and seats are only provided upon request.

  • few seating: Seating is available, but not for all visitors.

If requested, beanbags can be provided. Please send requests for this via

Frankfurt LAB

The foyer and hall of the Frankfurt LAB are accessible on ground level without stairs. Generally, there is free choice of seating at the venue. The first row of audience seating is ground level without stairs and accessible for wheelchair users. To select a wheelchair place, please speak to our front of house or bar staff on the night of the event or contact us a few days before the event at There is also an accessible toilet.


The Palmengarten is ground-level accessible without stairs via both entrances. Access for the concerts in the music pavilion during “Summer in the City” only via the entrance in Palmengartenstraße. Some of the paths include slight inclines that can be negotiated without assistance. Some of the paths are paved, i.e. cobblestone/natural stone paving and concrete paving stones in the music pavilion. Wheelchairs can be borrowed by leaving a deposit (e.g. identity card) at the Siesmayerstraße ticket office. Please call 069 - 212 340 90 to make a reservation.

Junge Theaterwerkstatt am Zoo (Zoogesellschaftshaus)

The theatre is not independently accessible by wheelchair. Access to the lower theatre foyer is possible via a ramp without stairs. A lift (door: W 100 cm | cabin: W 166 cm x D 165 cm) can be used to access the foyer, bar and toilets (incl. a partially accessible toilet) on the 1st floor and the foyer and performance hall on the 2nd floor upon request and with an accompanying person. The lift is in need of renovation and often breaks down. Please notify us in advance of your visit at or by calling 069 80 90 49 41.

Our auditorium on the 2nd floor consists of fixed seating, usually with free choice of seats. The room has a slight incline (2%). There is a narrow section at the entrance to the auditorium (right 97 cm | left 95 cm). The corridors on either side, which slant slightly downwards from the entrance doors to the stage, have a navigable width of 117 cm after the narrower section. One wheelchair space is provided on the right-hand side and one on the left-hand side in the row nearest the stage.

Should the lift fail, there is a wide spiral staircase (W 160 cm) with 18 steps leading from the lower foyer on the ground floor to the foyer, toilets and bar on the 1st floor.

From the foyer on the 1st floor, the spiral staircase continues with 18 steps to the foyer and performance space on the 2nd floor.

The backstage area, artists' dressing rooms, workshop and rehearsal stage are not fully accessible and there is no lift. These areas can only be reached by stairs:

  • From the performance space to the stage/backstage area and artists' dressing rooms: 5 steps
  • From the backstage area to the workshop: 4 steps
  • From the backstage area to the rehearsal stage (3rd floor): rear staircase (W 100 cm), 15 steps
Accessible Toilets


There are two toilets on the ground floor that are signposted as "Private Bathroom". This means that visitors can use them without coming into contact with other visitors. Both are accessible toilets certified according to DIN standards (seat height 60cm, grab rails & transfer aid available), which can be reached independently. The cubicle measures 2m x 1.65m, the door width is 95cm. More details on the dimensions of our spaces can be found at The emergency call button in the toilets is temporarily out of order.

Frankfurt LAB

The accessible toilet has been tested in accordance with DIN standards and is available to all people with visible and invisible disabilities. It has a minimum manoeuvring space of 1.50 metres, wide doors over 90 cm, wheelchair-accessible washbasins, grab rails and an emergency call system


There are several DIN standard-certified accessible toilets in the Palmengarten. They are signposted throughout the grounds. Near the music pavilion (at the Lindengarten), Palmenhaus (but only accessible on the west side), in the entrance exhibit hall at Siesmayerstr. 63, in the centre of the grounds (WC Mitte, between the bamboo grove and the insect meadow) and at Villa Leonhardi.

Junge Theaterwerkstatt am Zoo (Zoogesellschaftshaus)

There is a partially accessible toilet on the 1st floor. The folding support bracket is not in the correct position and the flush also triggers without the flush button being pressed. Stair-free access only possible via a lift, which can only be used upon request with the staff on site and with an accompanying person.

Appropriate refurbishment work is being planned to improve the barrier-free toilet facilities and to install a tactile floor guidance system in the foyers up to the auditorium as well as a tactile orientation system.

Availability of Disabled Parking


There is a designated disabled parking space directly in front of the entrance at Waldschmidtstraße 4. There are further designated disabled parking spaces in the courtyard of the GDA residential home next door. There are also disabled parking spaces and a lift in the Mousonturm underground car park, which are subject to a fee.

Frankfurt LAB

There are no specially designated disabled park spaces at the Frankfurt LAB. There is a large public car park on Schmidtstraße - coming from Mainzer Landstraße behind the Frankfurt LAB building (opposite Schmidtstr. 51). You can park in the car park behind the LAB building as close as possible to the entrance. The charge is €2 per evening.


Four disabled parking spaces are available in the underground parking garage under the entrance exhibition hall, Siesmayerstraße 63. There is also a disabled parking space at Siesmayerstraße 61. There are two further parking spaces in Palmengartenstraße.

Junge Theaterwerkstatt am Zoo (Zoogesellschaftshaus)

There are two marked public disabled parking spaces at Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 4 just before the Zoo tram stop and two directly in front of the Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium at Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 6.

Assistance Dogs Welcome

Mousonturm, Frankfurt LAB, Zoogesellschaftshaus and Palmengarten

Assistance dogs are welcome at these four venues! Trained assistance dogs may also be brought to the Palmengarten. The following applies here: An ID card must be presented without being asked. The dogs must be kept on a leash without exception.

Toilets for all Genders

The toilets at Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm and Frankfurt LAB are for all genders. Symbols are used on site to indicate whether the respective facilities have seated toilets, urinals or changing tables.