Eisa Jocson

Eisa Jocson is an artist and choreographer based in Manila. She discovered contemporary dance through pole dancing. Her pieces examine the intersections of ‘gender’, ‘affective work’, ‘migration’ and ‘physicality’. She has investigated the economics of pole dancing, appropriated macho dancing, a form of hyper-masculine erotic dance that is predominantly practiced in gay bars in the Philippines and explored the vocabulary of movement and expression used by Disney characters such as Snow White, a role that remains barred to Filipina performers in amusement parks.  She regularly presents her work at leading theatres and international festivals in both Asia and Europe, including Tanz im August, TPAM Yokohama, the Zürcher Theaterspektakel and Frankfurter Positionen. She won the Culture Centre of the Philippines 13 Artists Award in 2018 and the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award in 2019.