Gry Tingskog

(Gießen/ Stockholm)

01111000 – Warp


“> A missing link––a broken connection. Something moves suspended in the field. Messed up, unwoven into threads, it got lost in yet another fabrication. We are its tissues and desires, the microprocesses that turn it on. Vague sensations quiver across the space, an imprint to hold on to. Weaving patterns to break the mould––this runs only by crashing.”

The pieces of young choreographer Gry Tingskog operate at the interface between performance, painting and sculpture. In her experiments with bodies, materials and technologies, she combines organic and inorganic textures to confuse the points of transition between levels of the senses. In her new collaboration “01111000” with Amina Szecsödy, Rodrigo Andreolli and Chloe Chignell, Tingskog combines self-developed e-textiles based on DIY principles with codes, text, and sounds to create fragile choreographies that, as material explorations, embark on a search for the strange poetry of nothingness.

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No language skills required
Duration: 60 Min.

Admission only with face mask! Mask must be worn during the performance. More information on hygiene and safety