(c) Katrin Schander



1001 Sorrys

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)

Performance/Starke Stücke

Hey. Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry not sorry. People are actually always asking for forgiveness for something that has happened. And so Max Brands, Bastian Sistig and Hanna Steinmair set off into the endless expanses of apologies. A sorry for being late, a few apologies for minor offences, some for very personal misdeeds and plenty for all the global injustices. The counter clicks, the pressure mounts. Sorry must be said 1001 times. It doesn’t end until then! In a tightrope walk between brash obsessive collecting and the tricky business of guilt and forgiveness, “1001 Sorrys” asks if, when and for whom apologies are ultimately helpful.

duration: 50 Min.
language: Deutsch
All In 8+
Starke Stücke 2022



Trailer: Lizzy Geble