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Forum 1989


1989 – Blühende Landschaften. Von der Treuhandabwicklung der DDR und der Renitenz der Arbeiter*innenschaft

Mousonturm Studio 1


Some today may still remember one of the most drastic experiences for East Germans in the 1990’s: the massive liquidation of publically owned enterprises (VEB) and the subsequent waves of privatization, declassification and degradation. Yet almost no one remembers the uplifting mass strikes that attempted to prevent these liquidations at the time, although they were among the largest strikes in German history. What happened in the early 90’s in the “new” German states? What remains of the occupied factories and newly formed collectives? We will
be speaking about this era with Renate Hürtgen, GDR opposition member and co-founder of the independent unions in the GDR and with Stefan Kademann, strike activist at the time and first representative of the largest East German branch of IG Metal until 2017.

Language: German
Mit: Renate Hürtgen, Stefan Kademann

Eine Veranstaltung von jüngeren und älteren Ostdeutschen aus Frankfurt