(c) DorotheaTuch



1989: The Great Disintegration

Mousonturm Saal


1989: All of Phantásia is under threat! Greater and greater parts are disappearing without a trace, not even a teeny tiny hole: NOTHING. Yet this nothing exerts tremendous attraction. Many flee from it, but some plunge in headfirst – only to reappear on the other side as a lie, obsession, fake news… With the help of the Will-o’-the-Wisp (Luise Meier, “MRX Maschine”), and the Racing Snail (Karsten Krampitz, “Wasserstand und Tauchtiefe”) andcompany&Co. will reactivate disintegration and redirect the dissolving energies, until the old lies become new stories and fantastic narratives: “People don’t allow anyone to say anything to them, but you can tell them anything.” (Walter Benjamin)

Duration: approx. 90 Min.
Language: German
With use of a stroboscope