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2045: Müller in Metropolis

auf deiner Couch


Heiner Müller was obsessed with the idea of man and machine merging, but ‘the duel between industry and future’ never took place. Instead the postindustrial societies in the West proclaimed the ‘third (electronic) revolution’: In 1984 Apple brought the first Macintosh to the market, the era of the personal computer had begun. Since then fear of Orwell-like totalitarian mega-computers was not taken seriously. Everyone was euphoric about the media. Until recently when Snowden’s revelations brought back old fears. Müller’s phrase ‘from database to slaughterhouse’ gained a disturbing topicality. In their lecture-concert andcompany&Co. recall the long forgotten socialistic roots of Big Data and draw a line to contemporary post-democratic reimes, a life between cybernetics and revolt: “No more happy subjection!”

Language: German
Duration: 60 Min.

Thu. 18. 02. 9 p.m. Artist talk with ancompany&Co on Zoom. —> https://zoom.us/j/98220363111?pwd=bGFGSmJpYlFua3JBNkEvNlduUzVYZz09

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