Artwork, in rot-gelber Farbe mit quadratischem Farbverlauf.
Zwei Hände in roten Handschuhen berühren die Tastatur eines Klaviers.
Ein Artwork, das ein dreidimensionales rechteckiges rotes Objekt auf gelben Untergrund zeigt.
Ein Musiker mit grünem Gazetuch über dem Kopf spielt auf seiner Geige.
(c) Hannes Seidl

Hannes Seidl/Mara Genschel


21 Songs in a Public Surrounding

Dialogmuseum & Hauptwache, B-Ebene


Brightly coloured, loud and with anarchic joy, musicians from the Berlin ensemble MAM and poet and performer Mara Genschel move into the B-level of the Hauptwache. For three days, they disrupt the busy day-to-day life beneath the city and invite you to open up to the place and its sounds, smells and people – with the freedom to perceive everything in a completely different way. They call on us to celebrate ourselves and the moment together for a brief instant, despite and because of all that is unaccomplished, unfinished, impossible, possibly embarrassing that penetrates below the city’s surface. It is a strange collective that this group has created with their songs, a wild mix of energetic music, confessions and normally well-protected insecurities, which they track down by intervening in public space across Europe’s underground passages: Who are these beings? Their names sound like passwords, they always distance themselves from “the people” with inverted commas. Apparently they travel through time. Are they post-human? Aliens? Or simply social workers in disguise? Visitors moreover have the chance to be transported to underground passages across Europe in short audio pieces every thirty minutes in the sound room of the Dialogue Museum and to learn more from the reports of this strange group.

In the Dialog Museum and B-level of the Hauptwache Frankfurt

Presentation in the sound room of the Dialog Museum every 30 minutes

Language: German