Oliver Maria Schmitt/Jürgen Kuttner


30 Jahre Deutsche Zweiheit. Ein Ost-West-Zwangsehestreit mit Nüsschen, Scherben und Musike – gesamtdeutsche Weltpremiere



In the period 21. 03 – 15. 04. the video is available on Vimeo on Demand for 24 hours from the time of purchase. Price: € 5.

Are we truly one nation – us and them over there? And don’t they over there still owe us a lot? In the form of gratitude, money, solidarity tax? Isn’t it time to separate the luxuriously renovated and AfD-infested eastern territories from the rest of the republic by building a wall to protect us from infection? In order to finally be able to redevelop the precarious slum regions of the West (NRW!)? These are urgent questions that only two experienced experts on divisiveness such as Oliver Maria Schmitt (D-West, “Titanic”) and Dr. Jürgen Kuttner (D-East, Radio Fritz, Radio Eins) can answer. The world’s first all-German live spoken-and-shouted-word performance is all about the far too big picture and the question: West German television or East German soup stock, black coal or brown coal, two-stroke or four-stroke, Nudossi or Nutella, Frank Schöbel or Roland Kaiser, Angela Merkel or Angela Merkel. A very special livescream! Evening dress and attendance compulsory!

Language: German

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21. 03. – 15. 04. The film is made available via Vimeo on Demand. To watch the film, you have to register with Vimeo (simple, free and only once) (Privacy Notice). There is no advance booking, the video is paid for directly before watching the film.