A Different Forest

Mousonturm Saal bestuhlt


The experience of the forest as a metaphor for the search for the meaning of life is the central motif of Hauschka’s new album. “A Different Forest” is the Oscar-nominated composer and pianist’s debut on Sony Classical and for this album, Hauschka – for the first time on a solo album – entirely abstained from preparing his piano. Walks through nature are essential for him and have deeply influenced his way of composing. Initially, he doesn’t write down his music, but instead develops melodies, motifs or rhythm ideas, which he explores on the piano, records and often lets lie for long periods of time to continue developing them later. Pieces are thus first created in unintentional play, as a snapshot of current actions: “For me, musical ideas are waypoints in the act of playing and the playing itself is the journey that links them.” The result of this intuitive process is music that you can draw strength from and let go.