(c) Maciej Rusinek

Tony Rizzi and the Bad Habits


a performance by nobody, going nowhere, for no one in particular

Mousonturm Saal


As a long-standing member of the Frankfurt dance scene, companion of William Forsythe and creator of stirring, whimsical performances, Tony Rizzi doesn’t really need introducing. His piece “a performance by nobody, going nowhere, for no one in particular” deeply touched the audience at its premiere in April 2019. We are therefore happy to be showing it again for all who missed it the first time around, or who would like to see it again. Inspired by a trip to Kyoto, Rizzi explores the connection between humans and nature as expressed in the Japanese concept of the Kami. Kami refers to gods, nature spirits and the souls of the deceased, but also to natural phenomena that evoke intense emotional reactions such as awe or amazement. Rizzi uses the idea of constant growth and movement in nature and thus in ourselves, as a metaphor to investigate birth, death and non-existence with ever so much empathy and humour. The never-ending flow of energy in the dance leads us to the right place to enjoy both death and life. Let the party begin!

From the age of 16
Duration: 100 min.
Language: German and English
Production revival
On 8.4. warm-up at 7 p.m.