Nikki on Fleek

Akira Takayama/Port B


A School of Hip Hop – Day 3

Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Workshop/Dance

16–17.15 Uhr PANEL Podcast Brudi mit Markus Gardian: Die Entwicklung der Hip Hop Szene in Frankfurt
17.45-19 Uhr Workshop „DJ Hype entmystifizieren” mit Nikki on Fleek
19.30–20 Uhr DJ Set Ray Ray & Talia [+ Aleyna]
20–22 Uhr LIVE ACTS Darthreider & Hiroshi Egaitsu, Credibil

Most people know Josua “Yoscha069” Hellmeier through his “Podcast Brudi” about German rap. As a radio host for Radio X and editor of magazines such as Juice and Splash Mag, he has worked straight across Frankfurt’s local hip hop scene. In his interview with Mousonturm music curator Markus Gardian, the “hip hop activist“ will be talking about the ways that rap can enrich the cultural life of Frankfurt. (in German)

After that, Nikki on Fleek will demystify the myth of the male DJ in her empowering DJ workshop. Nikki is a founding member of the party collective GG Vybe and the Vice Versa initiative, with whom she organizes a series of community outreach programs, focusing on marginalized groups and women working in hip hop and in electronic music. Her own sets fluidly shift according to mood between 2000er R’n’B, rap, trap, breakbeats, jungle, techno and whatever else that she feels like.

Aktive Teilnahme an den Workshops nur für WAGNER CREW, Publikum erwünscht
Language: English and German