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Akira Takayama/Port B


A School of Hip Hop – Day 6

Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Workshop/Concert

16–17.15 Uhr Freestyle Rap Workshop „Komm in die Zone“ mit Arrior & Q-Rush
17.45–19 Uhr Songwriting Workshop „Rap: Music, Flow and Philosophy” mit Gianni Suave & Dario
19.30–22 Uhr Live Acts: Rewe City Crime Boys, Arrior & Q-Rush, Gianni Suave & Dario

Even though Arrior feels at home on all levels of producing hip hop, his greatest strength lies in writing lyrics. In 2017, he and his partner Q-Rush released their first album NME; Not macht erfinderisch”. Q-Rush is a DJ and music producer. His productions feature a characteristic sound that is very detailed and unconventional. (in German)

When Gianni Suave got offered a record deal as winner of the #Raptags Contest in 2016 by the Universal sublabel Chapter ONE, he declined the offer preferring to do his own thing. Two years later, he released his first album “Butter”, featuring lo-fi instrumentals mixed with classical rap and soulful R’n’B sounds. His songwriting workshop with Dario will mainly focus on finding a personal philosophy. Dario bought his first rap records in Frankfurt in 1997/98 and soon began deejaying. Over the following four years, he spent most of his time behind turntables. After spending six years in a monastery, he returned to DJing in 2008 and in 2010 also resumed working as a producer. (in German)


Aktive Teilnahme an den Workshops nur für WAGNER CREW, Publikum erwünscht
Language: German