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A School of Hip Hop – Day 8

Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Workshop/Concert

16–17.15 Uhr Workshop „Very Rare” mit Reza & Uzi
17.45–19 Uhr Workshop „DJ Hacks” mit DJ Kitsune
19.30–22 Uhr Live Act: „Hidden Hills Open Air” mit Reza & Uzi, NKSN, Rola, DJ Kitsune

Reza was born in Zurich with Iranian roots. In 2016, he moved to Frankfurt, where he achieved his breakthrough in 2018 with the track “Alte Seele”. Rapper and beatmaker Uzi was born in Turkey. He already gained notorious fame in school for his battlerap abilities: he writes, records, mixes and masters his tracks completely by himself. In their workshop, the two of them will be teaching everything that is needed to produce a song from the idea up to the finished track, including the music video. (in German)

DJ Kitsune, music producer, DJ, publisher, founder and CEO of an independent label, is part of Frankfurt’s hip hop scene and best known for his radio shows, mix tapes, DJ gigs and tours with rappers such as Azad, Curse, Jonesmann or Pal One. As candidate for the title “Hardest Working Men in German Hip Hop Business“ (Jetzt.de), he’ll be presenting his DJ techniques and beat making on the computer. (in German)

Friday evening will be spent celebrating with the Hidden Hills Open Air Festival, founded in Offenbach in 2018.


Aktive Teilnahme an den Workshops nur für WAGNER CREW, Publikum erwünscht
Sprache: Deutsch