Acting Out! #5Lesungsperformance mit Robert Prosser: Phantome

Lokal im Mousonturm


There’s a “clickety-clack” in his rucksack, a “rat-a-tat-tat” as a train goes by: a graffiti sprayer is looking for kicks. The deeper he descends into the Vienna underground the further his thoughts wander. His trip through the tunnels leads him into the past, into the slaughter of a Yugoslavia that was falling apart, and the “clickety-clack” of the Kalashnikov. In his novel ‘Phantoms’, long-listed for the German Book Prize, Robert Prosser sets off looking for those who escaped, the missing and the dead of this war. Lest we forget ‘Phantoms’ tells the story of Anisa and Jovan: she is a Bosnian Muslim, he is a Serb. With a performance in which “words crackle, tingle and sparkle” (Tiroler Tageszeitung), Prosser allows them to speak.

In German * Moderation: Björn Jager