(c) Leo Aversa

As one of Brazil’s most acclaimed songwriters, Adriana Calcanhotto wants to use her music to send a signal for change in her country. In 2020, with the protest song “2 de Junho”, she drew attention to Brazil’s deep-rooted racism, which was greatly exacerbated by the pandemic. During this time, the artist also wrote her latest album “Só”, which combines elements of Brazilian funk with the country’s most popular rhythms: Samba and Bossa Nova. Her programme at the Mousonturm includes some of her favourite songs in English – “Music” (Madonna), “Back to Black” (Amy Winehouse) and “Nature Boy” (Eden Ahbez) – as well as her own new compositions, including the singles “Mais Feliz”, “Cariocas” and “Veneno Bom”, a song that was written at the same time as her new album and received an honourable mention at the International Songwriting Competition 2020 even before its release.