Jan Philipp Stange/Nir Shauloff

(Frankfurt/Tel Aviv)


Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)

Hessische Theaterakademie/Performance/Theater

If we were randomly deposited somewhere in the cosmos, the chances of turning up near a planet is smaller than 1 to 1 billion trillion trillion. And that chance keeps getting smaller: the universe is largely made up of insubstantial emptiness, relentlessly expanding outwards. Dark energy squeezes itself between bits of matter and so increases the distance between the galaxies, the planets and the stars. The emptiness swallows space itself – and the earth keeps turning within this dark infinity. “But is there no hope at all?” The German-Israeli duo Nir Shauloff and Jan Philipp Stange set out on a journey through the universe and off to the boundaries of imagination. For, there is an “an infinite amount of hope – but not for us.” (Kafka)

In English * By and with: Nir Shauloff and Jan Philipp Stange and Jacob Bussmann, Maylin Habig, Simon Möllendorf, Carmen Salinas, Annegret Schlegel u.a.* A HTA-cooperation * Supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt and the Willy Robert Pitzer Stiftung * With the friendly support of Gessnerallee Zürich

Uraufführung * HTA-Kooperation