Showcase Beat le Mot’s piece Alles finally solves three unresolved questions of humanity. First: how to turn shit into gold. Second: how to breathe life into a lump of clay. And third: how to build a perpetuum mobile. Accompanied by the clickety-clack of wooden eternity machines, Maori eurythmics, magicians, filibuster speakers, soup kitchen cooks, golems and homunculi will quarrel over the most beautiful and the most ridiculous detours to salvation. And they will shine their light on the audience with overhead projectors, moons made of glass cleaner and florescent sea anemones, with a spirit stroboscope, with disco balls, lasers, mirrors and the golden pot. The light shines as far as Atlantis, where Anselmus, the Archivist Lindhorst, Pinocchio, Serpentina, the Schwendimann, the Seraphim, William Blake and everything and everyone are. In Atlantis, the surfaces have disappeared and we see things as they really are. Endless.

“An absolutely enchanting theatre of nature and art.”  Theater der Zeit (1/2012)

“Optical wonders and automatic apparatures right out of Leonardo da Vinci’s study. A phenomenal mantra from the depths of theatrical alchemy.“ Nachtkritik (30.11.2011)

With: Showcase Beat Le Mot * Music: Albrecht Kunze * Artistic Collaborators: Florian Feigl, Manuel Muerte, Alexej Tscherny, Tobias Euler * Set: Atia Trofimoff * Choreography: Can Pestanli * Implementer: Stefan Rüdinger * Production Manager: Olaf Nachtwey. Production: Showcase Beat le Mot * Co-production: HAU (Hebbel am Ufer), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Kampnagel Hamburg and Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf * Funded by the City of Berlin,  Hauptstadtkulturfonds, NPN, and City of Hamburg.