Half a bridge with railings and lantern against a yellow background.
Eine halbe Brücke mit Geländer und Laterne vor blauem Himmel, von unten fotografiert.
In black and white: Half a bridge with a railing and a lantern in the middle of a city on which a person with a dove's head is standing.
Half a bridge with railings and lantern against a blue sky, photographed from below.
(c) FormFellows, (c) URB

Untere Reklamationsbehörde


Alltagsrauschen – A film to listen to



The video is available at Vimeo on Demand for 24 hours from time of purchase between 29.05. – 04.06. Price: € 5. Link will follow at 29.05.

ALLTAGSRAUSCHEN (Everyday Noise) places the inner city around Offenbach’s market square under the acoustic microscope of the Untere Reklamationsbehörde (Lower Complaints Office). The piece focuses on noise as an acoustic, sociological and communicative phenomenon. By noise we mean signals that increase the structurelessness and disorder relative to a semiotic order. Noise symbolizes the state of perfect disorder. ALLTAGSRAUSCHEN concentrates on intensive listening, inviting visitors to examine the otherwise unheard-of noise potential of local spatial and social architectures: the architectural noise in relics of long-dead building projects, the babble of voices among forests of old signposts f, misguided attempts at communication between passers-by, electromagnetic sounds of orphaned telephone booths, bridge songs, ocean noise, and so much more.

Language: German
Duration: ca 45 min.
Trigger warning: In the movie there are passages with flickering light.

For the stream on 28. 05. applies

— Ticket sales close at least 1 hour before the start of the digital performance.

—  Access: You will receive the link to the digital event on the ticket PDF. Please call up this URL in your web browser on your internet-capable terminal shortly before the start of the event and enter your personal access code.

— In case of problems with the stream: contact the Mousonturm staff (28. 05., 18-21): +49 (0) 69 405 895-88

29. 05. – 04. 06. The film is made available via Vimeo on Demand. To watch the film, you have to register with Vimeo (simple, free and only once) (Privacy Notice). There is no advance booking, the video is paid for directly before watching the film.