Tore Vagn Lid


Almenrausch – Ein visuelles Hörstück #3

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)


“Aktion Almenrausch” was the code name for the biggest German offensive against the Norwegian resistance during World War II. Based on a comprehensive archival research, Tore Vagn Lid’s musical experiment attempts to realize a retrospective hearing which had neither been possible during the life time of the silenced partisans nor during the post-war era when the heroes of liberation became ‘public enemies’. The presentation of the audio piece is simultaneously the inaugural lecture by Tore Vagn Lid, who is the Friedrich Hölderlin visiting professor for General and Comparative Dramaturgy at the Goethe University Frankfurt in the summer semester 2018.

In Nowegian with English subtitles / € 5 (Tickets only available at the Frankfurt Lab box office) / Photo: Transiteatret-Bergen