Affairs of the Invisible

A mole is someone, who infiltrates an organisation or a group to collect information or secretly exert influence. The young artist duo Florence Ruckstuhl and Leander Ripchinsky, specialized in especially hard performance cases, will be hosting a series of individual self-experiments, collective investigations and expert reports dealing with this political dimension of becoming a mole. Where and how can we appear in places and participate in situations, which we do not belong to? For this, Ruckstuhl and Ripchinsky open their office for affairs in “Caveland”. From there, they are planning a series of field studies, in which the audience can actively become moles as well as assembling experts able to provide insights into the lives of various moles.

In German * Concept: Leander Ripchinsky, Florence Ruckstuhl * Drawings: Nele Wangorsch.