Tanzlabor 21

Anna Halprin – The Life/Art Workshop

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)

DVD-ROM Presentation

After a four-year collaboration with Anna Halprin, Contredanse has published a six-hour interactive DVD-ROM, which they will be presenting for the first time in Frankfurt. The presentation gives a chance to delve deeper into the research of this exceptional American dancer, who throughout her career pushed the boundaries of dance and closed the gap between audience and performers, between generations and ethical communities by dealing with illness and nature. In workshops, multiple interviews and valuable archive material, this DVD provides an introduction to her Life/Art Process: an invitation to connect to our inner experiences, to sit down together with others and form communities that demonstrate our connection to the environment and the planet. “Dance reaches our deepest nature and transforms our lives” (Anna Halprin)

With Florence Corin and Baptiste Andrien.

In English