Florentina Holzinger



Mousonturm Saal


In her explosive and physically intense pieces, Florentina Holzinger uses references from performance and dance history, as well as material from other disciplines such as kickboxing, artistry, striptease and yoga. In doing so she radically extends the boundaries of dance, theatre and performance, while dealing with body images and gender roles. In her new production, she inscribes herself into ballet’s line of succession: no matter, whether Ludwig XVI, the founding father of ballet or George Balanchine, the inventor of the neo-classical style – they all resurrected Apollon, god of light and art, in the theatre. Holzinger uses the Apollo myth and the myths that rank around the Apollon choreographies, to examine the role of female performers, the striving for perfection and the proximity between classical dance and sideshow.

Age 18+!

In English & German * Mit: Renée Copraij, Evelyn Frantti, Florentina Holzinger, Annina Lara Maria Machaz, Maria Netti Nüganen u.a. * Musik: Stephan Schneider * Dramaturgie: Sara Ostertag * Eine Produktion von CAMPO in Koproduktion mit Münchner Kammerspiele, La Bâtie, festival de Genève, Frascati Productions Amsterdam, Steirischer Herbst Graz, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm und Sophiensaele Berlin.