ASINGELINE – an enacted thought

in der Innenstadt Frankfurts


On the opening Friday night, the choreographer-collective MAMAZA will begin to lay down a handbreadth, custom made red tape in a straight line from Frankfurt’s Römerberg down to Mousonturm. With its direct course ASINGELINE challenges all powers (of persuasion) for its goal is to blaze a trail for the red tape across city squares, streets, walls and straight through shops, homes, houses and gardens. Spectators as well as random pedestrians passing by become partners in communication and action. Parallel to numerous stage productions, MAMAZA also develops projects at the interface of conceptual choreography and social sculpture. Since 2012, ASINGELINE has so far been implemented in Antwerp, Ouagadougou, Johannesburg, Lagos, Lausanne, Jerusalem, Haifa, Petach Tikva, Maputo and Venice.

No language skills required.

By: May Zarhy, Fabrice Mazliah und Ioannis Mandafounis * With: Fabrice Mazliah, Ilan Kav, Michael Maurissens.

Video documentation of the ASINGELINE project series will be shown from 28.8. – 30.8. in Studio 1 of Mousonturm.

in all weathers