(c) Brad Spolding, (c) Charlotte Simon

Asuna, Group A & DSA, Carlsberg


For a very special edition, the Geheime Salon invites twice as many musicians and DJs as usual to occupy several rooms at Mousonturm. The fifth resident of the salon, Asuna, who worked for a month in the sound studio of the Mousonturm, presents his sound performance “100 Keyboards” parallel to the obligatory tape release on MMODEMM: out of the standing sounds of a hundred Casio keyboards, he builds a wall of sound in the theatre hall. The Berlin-based Tokyo synth-wave duo Group A, known for their hypnotic arrangements and expressive live shows, celebrate a multi-media expulsion ritual in collaboration with the video artist Dead Slow Ahead. Behind the name Carlsberg hide Charlotte Simon and Philip Berg, two of the city’s strongest DJs, who are playing their records back to back for the first time this evening in a quasi-premiere. Careful: the event begins at 8 pm this time!

Eine Konzertserie von Künstlerhaus Mousonturm und MMODEMM. Gefördert vom Musikfonds e. V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, der Dr. Marschner-Stiftung und der Naspa Stiftung.