For the end of the festival and in their first collaboration, the university orchestra of the HfMDK Frankfurt and the Ensemble Modern will dedicate themselves to Atmosphères by György Ligeti, whose dense rhythmical, melodious and “atmospheric” work reminds one of electronic music. In the programme for the premiere in the context of the Donaueschinger music days 1961 Ligeti wrote himself: “In this musical form there are no events, only states of mind; no contours and figures, only the unpopulated, imaginary musical space; and the tone colours, the actual bearers of the form, will – released from the musical figures – gain their own value.”

The university orchestra will also present Béla Bartóks Concert for Orchestra, which combines high virtuosity in each instrument group with the sound of folkloric elements.

The Ensemble Modern will introduce the Study No. 7 by Conlon Nancarrow, who composed almost exclusively for the mechanical self-playing piano Player Piano, that made it possible for him to write highly complex scores without concessions to human players’ capabilities. The Study No. 7 has two tempi at its core, speed and density constantly increase. In order to meet both the rhythmic requirements and do the musical expression justice, an extremely precise playing style is required. The arrangement for the chamber orchestra and for the Ensemble Modern comes from Yvar Mikhashoff.