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Young Aurea recognised that she would not be able to escape the misery of poverty and lack of education, lack of opportunities and systemic discrimination as a black woman at home in Brazil – so she decided to move to Germany. Given her precarious starting point, this alone is a gigantic, almost unimaginably courageous step. And what follows is a series of acts of brave perseverance, courageous self-assertion and tirelessly repeated demands for basic human rights.

The book “Aurea” is a collaborative work, the result of Áurea Pereira Steberl’s storytelling and Paula Macedo Weiß’ writing. Based on a true story, this book is the sum of the two authors’ different perspectives and life situations – a shared fiction and a shared dream. In conversation with translator Michael Kegler and moderator Rebecca Schmidt, the two authors will unfold these perspectives and provide insights into the recently published book.

Duration: 90 Min.
Language: German, Brazilian Portuguese with German translation