Auto-nomie. Eine Geschichte über unabhängiges Bewegen

Mousonturm Studio 1


A spectre is haunting Europe. The ghost of independence. Whether in Catalonia, North Macedonia, the States of former Yugoslavia or the Eastern Ukraine – people everywhere are demanding more autonomy (derived from the ancient Greek words “autos” – “self” and “nómos” – “law”). But instead of questioning the construct of the nation state per se, they are demanding the establishment of new nation states. Autonomy is one of the great ideals of our time: we are constantly declaring our independency from one another. And surprisingly, we assume that it can, it must succeed – no matter how dire the conditions may be. Three women set out in an auto-mobile in search of their own auto-biographies across three regions of Europe, in which independence movements are the order of the day. They inquire into the differences between the claims to autonomy and today’s diktat of autonomy. And into the location of the next filling station. Those who want to leave, can do so. But once you leave, you can rarely get on board again.

4.9. combined ticket “Auto-nomie” + “Der Krieg mit den Molchen”
Duration: ca. 75 min.
Language: In German, English, Russian, Spanish, Catalan and Macedonian