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Mousonturm Saal


Come in – but please be quiet, we are already on air! Six radio-revisionists practice epic journalism, while connected to the rest of the world via the airwaves to report on extraordinary events, mysterious observations and wondrous noises. Interweaving radio and theatre, they explore techniques of overcoming distance. The stage serves as a broadcasting station. Voices transmit subjective messages, extravagant curiosity and focused attention. If you can’t attend the radio show at the theatre itself, you can also listen in live on the detonation of a three cubic meter block of gelatine on your home radio receiver.
In German and English.

Mousonturm-Koproduktion * With: Caroline Creutzburg, Franziska Dick, Rupert Jaud, Sophie Reble, Bettina Rychener, Maxi Zahn * support, production: Maria Isabel Hagen, Florian Seel.