Grafik mit einem dreidimensionalen roten Objekt vor dunkelblauem Hintergrund.
Ein schwarzbekleideter Musiker an einem Mischpult, auf dem eine grüne Gitarre liegt.
Ein Musiker mit blonden Haaren und blauem Hemd an einem Keyboard.

Hannes Seidl


Ballade N.N.

Location: basis Frankfurt e.V., Projektraum,

Durational Performance/Exhibition

For three days, musicians Thilo Ruck and Felix Nagl move into the project space of basis Frankfurt e.V. and invite you to immerse yourself and lose yourself in a reflection of the underground networks of cities. On the walls, a dense network like a huge underground map traces links between the sprawling “reports” of a group that may be familiar to the Frankfurt public by now, while still being undefined, while an oversized synthesiser independently generates fine textures of sound. The “reports” of this group, who can jump through space and time, testify to their search for the unfinished, fragile moments of openness in us “humans”, from which the authors distance themselves by inverted commas. While short films outline how the inhabitants of Europe’s big cities have (or have not) appropriated the B-levels of their underground networks, the two musicians, who originally met performing on the streets, fill the installation with sound for fifty hours. With alternating, overlapping chains of pulses and meandering melodies, they create – in collaboration with the lyrics, the spatial design and the light – a seemingly endless, nameless ballad in which the audience can immerse themselves from Friday to Sunday.

“The third day in a row, maximum concentration! It’s getting there, it’s getting there. The enormous vibrations are starting to gather… KEY had the idea that we should somehow give the guy a name, a little nickname or something, so that we know what we’re talking about when we talk about him. Although it may be needless to say, because we’ve only been talking about one thing the whole time: him. Anyway, we caught up with this idea and F’agotty had the best suggestion: he said, “Let’s call him Frugitive Tea”. He meant that because the guy was always “running away” from us, but he got the words mixed up and we all laughed way too hard. From then on, the guy was called Frugitive Tea.” 19.14.2012 – PRAG – STAROMĚSTSKÁ