(c) Alona Rodeh

Ariel Efraim Ashbel and friends


It takes a Village: Bar Mitzvah’d at Forty – Kiddush

Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt


The weekend begins for Ariel, of course, with the traditional Bar Mitzvah ceremony in the synagogue with the community. He then celebrates the traditional Shabbat meal, called “Kiddush”, at the Bertha Pappenheim Square of the Jewish Museum, joining us to open the three-part series of events. Over snacks and drinks, Ariel Ashbel will share his experiences and encounters of the past two years. Artist, curator, and professor Stefanie Wenner will then lure us to the Main for a shared ritual. With conversations, performative readings, wine, and well-knownJewish delicacies, this is the beginning of an exploration of Ashbel’s personal transformation and the function of processes of change for our society in general.

He will end the day at the Mousonturm with a havdala ceremony that celebrates the transition between light and darkness, the sacred and the profane.

On Sunday, there will be a festival at the Mousonturm – a mixture of speeches and talks, music and dance, food and drink, party and ritual.

In the series of events, Ashbel uses his Jewish perspective to take a look at countless facets of foreignness and diversity, starting from the personal. His “life-specific” performance and bar mitzvah thus become a place for inclusive and intersectional encounters and make the depth of the festival tangible in many of its dimensions.

World premiere
Language: Englisch, Hebräisch

Please feel invited and just come along.