Batucada is an urban parade, a masked protest, the outbreak of an internal revolution. Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin explores the fundamental principles and extremes of human coexistence. His more than 40-person ensemble from Brazil, Belgium, Canada and Frankfurt includes people of various nationalities, professions, social classes, age and ethnic groups, as well as convictions. The title of the piece “Batucada” refers to the percussion group in samba music, but is also used to describe the act of exuberantly drumming on pots and pans at festivities and angry protest drumming. For Marcelo Evelin, Batucada is an allegorical-political intervention – the dancers’ naked bodies transform into musical instruments, into agitation machines, into objects of excessive desire. The performance begins as an endless carnival parade that rapidly reveals its dark sides and is soon almost indistinguishable from a grim protest march.

No language skills required.

Concept, Idea, Direction: Marcelo Evelin * Artistic Assistance: Carolina Mendonça, Elielson Pacheco, Layane Holanda, Sho Takiguchi * Dance and Performance: Andrez Lean Ghizze, Hitomi Nagasu, Rosângela Fagundes Sulidade, Márcio Nonato Macedo Freitas Aviz Rodrigues, Adolfo Severo De Souza Junior, Cleyde Silva Pereira, Joan Eduardo Da Silva, Rafael de Sousa, Vanessa Nunes Soares, Vitor De Sampaio Pereira, Danton Brando Barros Araujo, Vitor Guilherme Fontineles De Areia, Fabien Marcil, Erivelto Viana, Daniel Anderson Santos Da Silva, Dora Monteiro Smeke, Gizem Akman, Ana Dubljević, Felix Hammoser, Steff Huber, Katja Kämmerer, Britta Frida Laux, Elisabeth-Marie Leistikow, Marius Miron, Indira Pasko, Jannis Plastargias, Frank Reedom, Alan Twitchell, Drazenka Vecerin, Luca Hillen, Benoit Fasquelle, Anna Catalina Rincon,Celine De vos, Issouf IIboudo, Inez Kaukokanta, Koen Cobbaert * Production manager: Regina Veloso * coproduction: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, BHF Bank Stiftung * supported by Tanzlabor_21 and Kulturfonds Rhein Main.

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