(c) Zombie Nanny, (c) Dorothea Tuch

“Pink people wanna know if other pink people like hip-hop
How can it still be hip-hop?
That’s like asking, if Black people like
Dirty Harry
Is he still Clint Eastwood?”
Greg Ted

Gangstas, pimps and hoes: the world of US hip-hop is saturated with images of exaggerated masculinity. When Black artists like Cam’ron and Kanye West started a fashion trend of pink plush, fur and velour in the early 2000s, they proved that even Barbie’s favourite colour could not harm the image of heterosexual masculinity. For the African-American rappers perfectly embodied the racialised attributions of heterosexuality, hypermasculinity and aggressiveness. In Being Pink Ain’t Easy, choreographer Joana Tischkau once again takes a look at the insatiable white desire for black forms of expression. She finds a congenial partner in performer Rudi Natterer. Sometimes powerfully posing, then tearfully fragile, he experiences hyper-marking: he cannot escape his pinkness and is confronted with the hard-to-bear fact of being a profiteer of the white power matrix. In an analytically sharp and at the same time humorous way, the piece searches for the ambivalences that are interwoven between defence mechanisms such as “white fragility” (Robin DiAngelo) and forms of cultural appropriation. The Performance is invited to Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022.

All Information also: tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/de/kalender/being-pink-ain-t-easy

Language: German and English
Duration: 60 min.
09.11. Small Talk after the show
10.11. Artist Talk after the show

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