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Post-factual! With Stefan Niggemeier

Lokal im Mousonturm

Series of lectures

For some time now, discursive strategies of the New Right have been discussed under the label “post-factual” or “post-truth”. Unlike terms such as “fake news”, these labels also seem express the liberal public’s widespread distrust in media, journalism and politics, sustained by a sense of confusion and over-complexity. At the same time, the term itself appears to oscillate between analysis, critique and defamation. But how do facts relate to the concept of truth? Are we living in an age of the un-factual? What role do facts play in media and politics, what gives them their meaning? How political are facts? In a lecture with subsequent discussion as part of the series BÖLL ANALYTICS, journalist Stefan Niggemeier takes a closer look at the post-factual.

Moderation: Benjamin Pfeifer