Martin Bacik/ Arnold Menace

Breathing & House (Workshops) / “Urban Dance in Times of the Pandemic” (Panel)

Location: Sommerbau am Kaiserlei (Offenbach)


The morning of DAY 3 offers the opportunity to refine one’s own dance style in two workshops in a row and to hear from other dancers in a panel discussion how they have experienced the last months.

In the first workshop, movement artist Martin Bacik will focus on breath. We can survive for some time without food and water, but what about air? After only a few minutes without air, it becomes clear that breathing is essential and that it influences our emotional state. With the help of practically applied breathing techniques, we learn in this workshop to consciously use our breathing to influence and regulate our state of being. These techniques not only have the advantage that we can use them at any time, they also offer us a practice that trains and sensitises our consciousness.

In the subsequent house workshop, Frankfurt dancer Arnold Menace will teach the basics of house dance and body awareness. House dance brings together styles, elements and techniques from many dance styles, which are then combined. The workshop is suitable for all those who do not yet have any dance experience in the field of house dance.

In the subsequent panel discussion, invited local and international guests such as Yugson Hawks, Clara Bajado, Bj Piggo, Martha Nabwire and Moses Joses will speak about various issues affecting hip-hop and dance culture in these pandemic times.

Please find an english ticketing guideline here (the system is only in german).

In German (Workshops) and English (Panel Discussion)

Admission is only possible with proof of negative Corona status (tested, vaccinated or recovered). Results of a  test may not be more than 24 hours old at this event.
Your contact details (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) will be recorded on location before the event in order to follow-up in case of a COVID-19 infection.
No entry without a medical mouth-nose covering! Wearing a mouth-nose covering is mandatory at all times, except at your own seat.
Disinfect your hands when entering the building or grounds.

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