On the last day of im*possible bodies #2, we want to fortify ourselves during brunch and reflect on the past hours spent together. For this, Nuray Demir will once again open the doors of her Club of Possibilities. We have invited the critical festival observers Ismahan Wayah and Imad Mustafa to share their festival impressions and questions about the institution of Many; Rohit Jain will formulate his reading of the Mousonturm book “Allianzen. Kritische Praxis an weißen Institutionen” (“Alliances. Critical Practices at white Institutions”) as a book review and critic and then Nuray Demir will ask everyone to develop an alternative alphabet of resistance and empowerment together meant to inscribe itself into the Mousonturm and – with the help of the guests – into collective consciousness. Togetherness and solidarity to the very end!