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What will the theatre of the future look like? Does it need new spaces? How do new spatial concepts for theatre performances emerge? How does the structure and architecture of the theatre influence artistic work in contemporary theatre? These questions are the starting point for a round of talks with composer and theatre maker Heiner Goebbels, set designer Heike Schuppelius, set designer and director Michael Simon and the former artistic director of the Theater am Turm, Tom Stromberg. All four present examples of their work and talk about their different experiences in Frankfurt’s theatre landscape, which includes the Städtische Bühnen with its current new building plans as well as the former Theater am Turm, the Bockenheimer Depot, the Frankfurt LAB and the Mousonturm.


duration: 60 min.
language: Deutsch

The event is supported by the publishing house Theater der Zeit (“Ästhetik der Abwesenheit” (“Aesthetics of Absence”) by Heiner Goebbels and “Fertig gibt’s nicht” (“There’s No Such Thing as Done”) by Michael Simon.