Akira Takayama/Port B


Business Lunch II – by McDonald’s Radio University

Social Impact Lab Frankfurt


In Autumn 2018, the “McDonald’s Radio University”, a model enterprise by Japanese artist Akira Takayama with the mission facilitate education and disseminate knowledge, will expand to include new business visions. The Mousonturm-based network of start-ups aims to facilitate the participation of people in society on multiple economic, financial and cultural levels regardless of their residence status in Germany. In preparation, the MRU team will be hosting regular public meetings to explore and discuss fundamental aspects, challenges and dimensions of such an enterprise. This time, MRU has been invited to visit the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt incubator – home of the “AndersGründer and ChancenNutzer” projects – where
strategies and activities for the creation of a new currency will also be on the menu during the shared thinking process.

In German & English * By and with: Akira Takayama/Port B, Social Impact Lab Frankfurt and many other guests